Hats helping Regina folks in need

In a closet in an apartment in downtown Regina, under a banana box filled with 80’s neon hats advertising hockey summer camps, next to a collection of ten or more SaskWater corduroy classics, on top of the pompom short beaked Union snapback, is a post-it note with the phone number of a man named Larry from Radville. Larry donated his collection of mint condition caps, amassed over twenty or thirty years, to Carmichael Outreach, one of the first hat collections that inspired The Hat Farm.

Since then, in the last year and a half, The Hat Farm has sold well over 300 hats to places all over Canada. For over six months of this time, The Hat Farm has been lucky enough to sell vintage hats and clothing at T+A Vinyl and Fashion. The money raised allows Housing Workers at Carmichael Outreach in Regina to be more effective and not be bound by budgetary restraints or grant reports, and more effectively help people deal with emergency. Since April, T+A has sold 75 Hat Farm items which has raised almost $1200 for the year; we’re looking forward to another successful partnership in 2017.

This Manitoba Pool hat was sold for $30 and paid for a brand new hot-plate for someone’s bachelor apartment that was not furnished with a stove.
Version 2

The proceeds from this blue striped hat went towards helping an individual access emergency shelter for one night.
Version 2

This Horizon Hurricanes checkered snapback covered the cost for DVD player cables so a new tenant could be comfortable to stay home and watch movies in their first home in a decade.
Version 2

This set of two matching Sask Wheat Pool mugs (one set still available for sale!) helped pay for the cost of television for a week of an extended hospital stay.
Version 2

In the Spring, Hat Farm got to take four friends to the the First Nations University of Canada PowWow, several people who hadn’t been to a Powwow in years. In May, $300 was prepaid to Come Clean Laundromat to allow the Carmichael Housing Team access to cheap, accessible, and convenient laundry services while supporting another local non-profit, The Diaper Bank.

Check out events and programs happening at Carmichael Outreach and participate in the events in your community! For further reading, check out the Carmichael Free Press.

Thanks to Tim, Amy, and the staff at T+A for their help and support, and the staff at Carmichael Outreach for holding on to donations of old hats for weeks at a time.

Nic Olson, Carmichael Outreach Volunteer and director of The Hat Farm

Hat Farm Facebook
Hat Farm Instagram
Carmichael Outreach

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