T+A Artist Series Tees – JACK BRIDE

Our first edition of the T+A artist series tee is now available. For this project, we asked Toronto based artist Jack Bride to re-interpret our logo for a t-shirt design. We love the design and the process behind it. Jack has tapped into some very deep layers of T+A; how we work as business/life partners and what we aspire to accomplish. We love Jack’s design and think it looks totally killer on the shirts – limited quantities available at the shop. Read Jack’s artist statement below.

Bride T&A Logo

When T+A asked me to re-interpret the logo for their store, I immediately saw it as a veritable equation; Cross + Triangle, and was lead to a very old image from documents of Alchemy: the symbol representing Sulfur. To reach this far into collective memory, and bring a contemporary logo into an ancient representation (with conviction), I had to be certain of the Alchemical qualities of Sulfur:

•  Associated with the Sun.Capture4
•  Corresponding to the Male/ Female dichotomy.
•  Relating to elements Fire + Air.
•  Volatilizes easily into the intangible.
•  Ignites easily; puts out a very hot + bright flame.
•  Permeates the Air.
•  Expansive, penetrating.

At this point, I was left with an Alchemical goal of my own: for this symbol to represent a business, it must be honed effectively — meaning, if a flame that burns twice as bright burns only half as long, what would it need to burn with prosperity?  My solution is the symbol at the top of the image: A glyph of the Full Moon, with its influence washing down upon the contained logo.  Here, the Moon’s feminine/ water aspects serve to harmonize with Sulfur’s masculine/ fire aspects, harmonizing the volatile flame with a radiating wave.

Jack Bride

For more on Jack, visit: www.invisiblerooms.tumblr.com

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